How Do You Find the Perfect Voice-Over Artist for Your Project?

Technology has been amazing for the voice-over industry. Voice Actors can now get started in this business from anywhere in the world. They can work with clients across the globe. Sure, certain genres like animation and video games are still pretty much centralized to big markets like Los Angeles, but in the world of corporate, eLearning, and commercial VO, a home studio and a good internet connection (oh, and A LOT of good-quality training and education) can mean a very successful voiceover business.

As a result, there are lot more of us! And this community is amazing, by the way. But if you're looking for the right voice talent for your project, it can feel overwhelming. Here are 3 ways you can find the perfect voice-over artist!

  1. CONTACT VOICE TALENT DIRECTLY THROUGH THEIR WEBSITES I put this option first because it's my favorite. A simple google search of "female voice talent in my city" can often give you exactly what you want. The more specific the search the better! Any voice talent with a great website where you can listen to their demos, easily contact them, verify their home studio information, and request an audition, is going to know exactly how to take care of you one-on-one. These are my favorite client relationships!

  2. LOCAL TALENT AGENCIES Speaking of professionalism, respected talent agencies in your area are going to have an amazing, vetted roster of talent. Most will have a contact form on their website for talent seekers. They can help you with a quote, set up auditions for your project, or you can even hand select someone from their roster!

  3. VOICEOVER CASTING SITES Casting sites, like Voice123, have some amazing talent to choose from, but I'm putting it last because there are a couple of things to watch out for. The process is fairly easy! You make a listing for your project, voice talent submit auditions, you review them, and make your selection. I've earned some incredible repeat clients through casting sites! Here are some things to keep in mind: -When choosing a casting site, make sure you investigate any fees they charge either you or the talent. This isn't an immediate red flag. Talent agents take a percentage of every job they cast, but they're reasonable. Unfortunately, some casting sites are notorious for taking advantage of voice seekers and talent. -Most of the time, anyone can create a profile on a casting site. So, someone with a "great voice," a USB microphone, and a dream can throw their hat in the ring. It's pretty easy to determine who has professional training and a great home studio with broadcast sound quality, but you might have to do some sifting to find them. Before selecting someone, ask some questions about their capabilities. Do you need mastered, finished audio and can they provide that? What is their turnaround time? You get the idea. -Lastly, make sure you're offering fair rates. Everyday I see auditions with rates that are less than half of industry standard. If you're unsure, this rate guide is very helpful: As they say, you get what you pay for!


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