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"the shining star"

Tia is an exceptionally talented and versatile voice-over artist. She is extremely professional, always delivers very quickly and with amazing quality. As an animator, I'm used to working with several voice talents, but Tia, without a doubt, is the shining star among all and  is our clients' top choice. I recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing voice talent and audio professional.

-Greta Gonzalez, Video Animator

"a true professional"

Tia brought a level of polish that instantly boosted the quality of our product. I highly recommend her. She is very easy to work with and a true professional.

-Adan Vega, Software Engineer

"hire her"

Tia Rider is the BOMB! Hire her. You'll be so glad you did. Loved everything about working with this lovely, talented woman. Can't wait to do it all again sometime.

-Holly Kammier, Author

"consistent and reliable"

I've had the pleasure of working with Tia on multiple occasions. Her performance is always consistent and reliable, and so too is her customer service. She goes out of her way to make sure I'm taken care of so that I can keep my clients happy. I look forward to working with her for years to come.

-Marc Strong, Creative Director​

"exceptional to work with in every way"

Tia was exceptional to work with in every way. She was professional, fast, responsive, and provided a quality product. We would definitely use her again in the future.

-Jordan Sharp, VP of Marketing

"takes direction in stride"

Tia always gives us a fresh and thoughtful narration. And, she is a pleasure to work with because she takes direction in stride and makes it better.

-Lorna Pautzke, Video Producer

"great instinct"

After listening to over 100 submissions for our project, Tia’s audition was a standout. It was immediately clear that she took the time to understand our client, narrative, and tone. Tia has great instinct and is passionate about her work. Her first pass was delivered in less than 24 hours and was spot on. I wholeheartedly recommend Tia and hope to work with her again in the future!

-Timothy Chew, Video Producer

"cleanest audio recordings I've experienced"

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Tia Rider on the production of my second audiobook. She was superb and professional in all of our interactions. She produced the cleanest audio recordings I've experienced. And they were completely error free! She breathed life into each character, and her natural narrative style made for a wonderfully engaging audiobook. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tia for any audio project, and hope to work with her again and again.

-Angela Kyle, Author


"the client loved it"

Brafton Content Marketing recently hired Tia as a freelancer and within a very short time, she landed her first VO gig! Not only was her turnover time quick, the VO was great and the client loved it! No edits at all - which is rare in this business. I highly recommend Tia for your next VO gig as well.

-Gina Tempesta, Senior Video Producer

"she made my novel come alive"

If you submit a manuscript to Ms. Rider for consideration and she responds that she would enjoy narrating the work, I honestly believe your best option is choosing her the moment you read her reply.  I've already offered her first refusal to narrate my future novels, and I do not regret that at all…she made my novel come alive.

-Robert Kerns, Author

"captured the true essence of my characters"

Tia Rider is wonderful to work with. Her amazing voice and talent really brought my characters to life and made my audiobooks shine. She captured the true essence of my characters and stories and I couldn’t be happier with how the audiobooks turned out.

-Jessica Grayson, Author


"quick, effective, and compelling"

Tia recorded the audio version of an extended project I worked on and did a phenomenal job. She was quick, effective, and compelling — everything I hoped for in a voice actor. She's extremely talented, personable, and easy to work with. I highly recommend her!

-John Ogden, Author


"one of our go-to voice-over resources"

Tia has become one of our ‘go-to’ voice-over resources due to her ability to not only knock every project out of the park with regards to quality (tone, inflection, emphasis, etc), but to do all this in a very timely fashion.  She is such an amazing talent & has helped us further our mission through her involvement.”      

-David Christiansen, Client Marketing Director


"an absolute joy"

Working with Tia on my story, Little Things, was an absolute joy. She worked quickly but with high quality, and I was impressed by her work ethic. Her pacing and interpretation of the story, as well as the dialogue, were excellent. I looked forward to hearing each new chapter and was actually sad when the project finished. I can’t wait to work with Tia again.

-Donya Lynne, Author


"exactly what I needed for my project"

Tia was great to work with.  She helped me rewrite my script and recorded exactly what I needed for my project.  I was so pleased with the work that she did for me that I will be listing her under my business so she can work with more clients.  I will definitely be working with Tia for future projects!

-Jennifer Bjornstad, video producer

"I knew that this woman was an artist"

After listening to multiple auditions for the job, I was sold on Tia almost immediately after listening to her audition. I tabbed over to the nets and looked her up to be sure and after listening to her samples online, I knew that this woman was an artist. Although most of her sample work reflects her upbeat personality, she, for her audition, showed that she is dynamic in her skill-set and was capable of narrating a very dark, very gruesome story. Not only could she handle setting the proper tone for the book, but she also found a way to make it sound all the more appealing to listen to via inserting her own sense of flare to individual characters found within the story. Tia took this project and crafted her own work of art through it. Reading Future Winds by yourself and listening to the book being narrated by her are two completely different experiences. What do I mean by this? Well, I wrote Future Winds and from the first to last page, I know the story; but when I listened to Tia's final take on the project, I was blown away with how incredibly well she told the tale with her voice; and she did it all with literally zero guidance. Impressive is a word that I have used to describe Tia's ability to do what she does, but this chick deserves far more praise than a ten letter adjective. Give her a shot and you will not be disappointed. It is all about mindset and this girl has it.

-Kevin Laymon, Author


"draws you in word after word"

Tia is just awesome at what she does. Her clean, crisp voice draws you in word after word. I would highly recommend her for your next book. You will not be disappointed!

-Jodi Drake, Author


"perfect for each story"

Tia Sorensen's narration of Cozy Mystery Magazine's Christmas Cozy Mystery anthology was superb. Her voice is clear as a bell, and diction, perfect for each story. Tia has a professional work ethic and team approach to the narration process. She met her deadline and stayed in close contact. I would definitely recommend Tia to any author looking for an excellent narrator and would LOVE to team up with her again for future books.

-Linda Kozar, Author


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